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Ami Thakkar Raval
Host and Producer, Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar
Speaker, Board of The Podcast Academy

Host and Producer, Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar

Ami Thakkar Raval

Live from the Summit: Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar

Ami Thakkar Raval is a lawyer by trade, a freelance writer by trial, a podcaster by passion, a backup Bollywood dancer (for 4 months of her life), and a DJ when asked. After graduating as a Longhorn, she started off her career as an Analyst at Enron. While applying to graduate schools, Ami worked on movie sets in Texas and moved to Bombay to work in radio and media. A few years later, she graduated with a J.D. from DePaul University School of Law in Chicago and began her law career in New York City. Since then, she has moved back to India (Delhi and Bangalore), lived in Dubai, Dallas, Bentonville, Connecticut, and is now currently BACK in Dallas. Ami has worked with magazines, non-profits, start-ups, and everything in between.

She launched her own podcast called "Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar (Tuck-er)," interviewing trailblazers, experts, and prominent voices from the South Asian diaspora. They talk about the messiness of growing up brown, have honest conversations about personal and professional journeys, and discuss all those topics that they could never talk about in front of those aunties and uncles they grew up with.

Ami started this podcast because, frankly, she was tuckered out. Tuckered out from determining what her true calling was and starting her professional journey over and over again. So as a first-generation South Asian born in the US, Ami decided to interview the diaspora of South Asian trailblazers around the world to hear how they figured it all out, to share the South Asian story, and highlight all the fantastic contributions they are making in various industries, and to laugh. As much as possible.

Listen to Ami's podcast here.


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